Nurse OffDuty Wizard for PC


Bitworks Design have a small range of products & freeware which we deal with directly. These are mainly in-house designs, funded by Bitworks and provide examples to customers. Bitworks provide free customer support for all the products detailed on this page.



The Nurse OffDuty Wizard is a great help in completing the nurse off-duty or work roster/rota for a hospital ward or clinic. The design has focused on the user interface, and provides nursing staff with a familiar off duty form combined with intuitive controls. An important design goal was to achieve a simplicity of function to remove the need for any specific ICT training. A Staff File contains all the ward/clinic, staff and shift requirements.

OffDuty Wizard has been designed by nurses for nurses, why not give it a try!

The Off Duty application comes with a powerful auto offduty function, upto fifty staff and six nursing skills. Just enter the staff on the ward setup window, set the staffing requirements and skills for each shift, enter any staff requests manually and click the auto button to quickly come up with alternative solutions. The statistics can work at the ward, hospital or group level for the analysis of staffing and associated costs. The OffDuty file format is an open system file (text file), we can provide the necessary information to access these files and allow easy integration into your existing hospital computer systems. For example, interrogation of the off duty across a hospital to ascertain bank nurse requirements for any given week.

The OffDuty Wizard is free and runs on all Windows versions - Win95/98 2k, XP, Vista and now Windows 7 and 8. We hope you find the Off Duty Application helpful, saving you a little paperwork and effort. If so, you might make a contribution to either one of the great charities we support:

Next year we again plan to support Children in Need and Comic Relief.

New for Version 4.0, June 2012

  1. Support for Wards AND Clinics

  2. Increased maximum staff to fifty

  3. Telephone & Email support

  4. Unique Auto Fill button to fill out the off duty form automatically using nurse requirements and up to six skills for each day/shift.

Need some help setting up the OffDuty Wizard? Please call the OffDuty Helpline: (44) 1242 250473

Team Beep Test Software for PC

This Beep Test PC/Laptop software gives an implementation of the Official Leger (1982) fitness test now under many names - Shuttle Test, Beep Test, Bleep Test and PACER. Script files for all four standard Yo-Yo tests are supplied with the software. All script files can be copied and modified to suit any sport or coach training programme. In the official Leger beep test, the players being tested run between two lines twenty metres apart keeping pace with the 'beep' interval. The fitness test is in stages, starting at a warmup pace of 8.5km/h at Stage 1. Every minute the stage is incremented and speed is increased. This bleep test or beep test will test the maximum aerobic endurance of a player. We have focused on the timing accuracy, in test on our slowest PC (400MHz Pentium II) we achieved 1 hundredth of a second accuracy on the beep timing.

Martin of wanted a beeptest for the team; being able to record players scores quickly and chart fitness over the season. There is now a Team Beep Test download available from Rugbycoach & TopEndSports making the fitness test very easy to organise and record player scores. An on-screen VO2 Max feature has been included as well as a graphical stats screen to view previous test scores and track players fitness over the season.

FC Nürnberg using the Team Beep Test software

Courtesy of Andreas Beck Athletik und Rehatrainer

The Team Beep Test software has a 'design your own' fitness test feature that allows you to customise the running speed, add intermittent rests, and change the lap distance using simple script files. This allows many variations of the main test to be run including Yo-Yo type tests. If you are unsure if a fitness test is compatible or if you have any other questions about the software, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Team Beep software is used by conditioning coaches all over the world for many sports, adapted via user scripts for swimming, 400m athletic track pacing/training and sports research as well as all the variations on the beep/bleep VO2 max testing.

Included Tests:

  1. Standard & Official Beep Test

  2. YoYo Intermittent Recovery and Endurance Levels 1 and 2

  3. 15m beep test used by UK & Australian Police and Fire Services

  4. IFT 30-15

  5. Or create your own test using a simple script file, athletic/track & swim scripts are available

Features of the Team Version:

  1. Fully dynamic screen with all beep test parameters including individual player buttons to record scores quickly

  2. Stage number, lap number, total lap count, total distance and VO2 Max are all shown on the main screen during a test

  3. Record player scores, distance run and VO2 Max at the click of a button

  4. View & Print past scores and VO2 Max values using the graphical statistics screen

  5. Run custom tests and intermittent recovery tests (YoYo1 & 2, IFT 30-15 etc.) using the script file pull down menu as well as the standard or official Leger multistage beep test (custom script files supplied by Bitworks and TopEnd Sports)

  6. NEW! Support for multiple teams, useful for PE Teachers and Coaches at Schools & Colleges



February 2013

  1. Fix on Date/Time Formats

  2. Windows 8 Compatible

March 2012 (V4.1)

  1. More Scripts added including YoYo Intermittent Recovery and Endurance Levels 1 and 2 and 15m bleep test used by police and fire services

  2. Extra player buttons for wider screens (max 40 players)

  3. Support for multiple teams of players

User Feedback

  1. Andreas Beck - 1. FC Nürnberg, Athletik und Rehatrainer, "test worked out perfect... just the guys where complaining :)"

  2. Al Caravelli - USA National Team Head Coach Rugby Seven’s, "The program looks good... thank you very much"

  3. Kim Spaccarotella - Kean University (applied to sports science), "The software worked well, and we hope to continue to use it"

  4. Didier Plaschy - Swiss National Ski Coach, Centre National de Performance, Nationales Leistungszentrum NLZ West Brig, "I am very happy with the program, perhaps other ski coaches will also buy. Greetings from Switzerland, Didier"

  5. Andy Dixon - National Development Officer, Bahamas Rugby Union, "many thanks for this, it is a lot more flexible than I thought. I'm impressed with the ability to design individual tests with rest points. Regards, Andy"

  6. Itaru Enomoto - Head Coach, Mens National Water Polo, Japan, "Your software runs perfect! ... Best Regards, Itaru"

StreetSure Highways Maintenance

StreetSure is an aid to highways/road maintenance and planning, providing efficient roadside data capture in the form of a maintenance report with integral GPS positioning. The system essentially allows the user to quickly classify road/pavement surface damage, categorise the maintenance requirement with a combined safety checklist, accurately locate and rapidly record into a simple electronic database at the roadside.

The system comprises of a field unit, PocketPC (HP iPAQ 2210 or equivalent) with the StreetSure application software, local database and Global Positioning System (GPS) as one compact, robust inexpensive handheld unit. These units will interface/ synchronise with the main computer servers, downloading local database entries into the parent database.

The StreetSure system has been designed for flexibility, we believe the system can be adapted for many council uses where classification or action needs to be assessed and recorded together with an accurate location for the work groups. The StreetSure field unit can also be used to help navigate - using a standard GPS mapping system, to the maintenance locations recorded in the database.


New StreetSure iPhone App

StreetSure was released as an iPhone/ iPad App in 2013 to make it easy and quick to report problems in your neighbourhood to your local council. It finds your location automatically using GPS mapping, lets you take a photograph of the problem and it automatically emails the appropriate council.

Warehouse Wizard Stock Control System

Warehouse Wizard is a stock control system designed specifically for clothes retail and manufacturing. It provides for stock control, order processing, picklists, invoicing and sales analysis. The unusual element to the Warehouse Wizard is the handling of size and colour in a very efficient process and specialised user interface. The house profile for a given stock line can be used to generate customer picklists, this is linked to the original stock purchase or factory profile of colours and sizes.

The customer & supplier databases within Warehouse Wizard are an excellent alternative to spreadsheet type software with a friendly user interface and can be adapted to many applications.


More Information

Solar Power Systems and Thermionics


Thermionics, Sun Tracking and application of Heliostats in the UK.

Project: Thermionic Diamond Converter (TDC)

Points of Contact:

Project Lead: Dr Neil Fox, University of Bristol

Project Engineer: Mr Ian Bickerton, University of Bristol



Controller Area Network Cards (CAN bus /CiA)

We have a number of inexpensive Controller Area Network (CAN) adaptor cards and a CAN development software toolset. PC104/ PMC Designs which we can adapt to meet your specifications, see right:


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