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Bitworks Design (Bitworks) established in 1997, a partnership focused on providing an efficient & low-priced engineering service. Bitworks is run as a partnership to provide added customer assurance on all the work we undertake.

We have a wide range of skills & experience:-

  1. PC Application Software with advanced MMI

  2. Electronic Design, PC Cards - PCI, PMC, migration of ISA to PCI

  3. Scientific, Medical or General Database applications

  4. Voice Authentication and Audio Signal Processing

  5. Mathematical algorithm development and product implementation

  6. Embedded Product Software in ANSI C or Assembler

  7. Driver Software for PCI/PMC and legacy ISA designs, common software operating with Windows 95/98/NT/2k/XP/Vista/7


Digital Signal Processing PCM double sided surface mount board designed by Bitworks, one of our most compact and advanced designs for General Dynamics, Hastings