TimeLock  Time Limit for Parents

Does your child use their iPod/iPad/iPhone too much? Do you want to limit the time they spend on it?

TimeLock allows parents to set a daily usage time limit on their child’s iPod, iPhone or iPad. It automatically disables the device when that time limit is over and resets the timer every day. Once installed and set up, TimeLock is completely autonomous, which means your child will only be able to use the device for a set time each day without your intervention.


Set a daily time limit on any iDevice to limit how much time the device can be used each day.

Your child can start and stop the timer at any time during the day so the time limit does not have to be used all at once.

When the timer runs out, popups appear constantly to effectively stop your child using their device.

The timer is reset automatically each day.


Customise the daily time limit.

Turn off TimeLock e.g. if the device is being used for homework or GPS navigation.

Reset the day's timer if the device is shared between two or more children.

Create a 4 digit passcode to protect the parent options.



In the new iOS5 software a couple of small changes in settings are needed for TimeLock. Please see: Fixing TimeLock for iOS5

About TimeLock

Why TimeLock?

TimeLock is the only app on the app store that lets you limit the time your child uses their iDevice every day. It gives you more control than any other app and is easy to set up and use by both you and your child.