StreetSure is a new app for iPhone that makes it easy to report problems in your neighbourhood to your local council. Its a simple 3 step process to generate a report; find the location on a map, take a photograph and fill out a quick form. StreetSure will automatically compile an email and send your report to the appropriate local council or highways authority based on the location. StreetSure covers a wide selection of report types, including potholes, graffiti, blocked drains and fly tipping. Previous reports are displayed as pins on a map allowing you to easily keep track of your reports, quickly resend a report or make a further enquiry.

StreetSure will help you make the most of your local council’s services by making community reports easy.

StreetSure Community Reporting

StreetSure makes it easy to report problems with:

  1. Potholes

  2. Pavements

  3. Street Lamps

  4. Graffiti

  5. Drains

  6. Traffic Lights

  7. Litter

  8. Pests

  9. Animal Welfare

  10. Dog Fouling

  11. Fly Tipping

  12. Noise Pollution

  13. Flooding

  14. Bin Collection

  15. Grass Cutting & Weeds

  16. Street Furniture

  17. Or choose ‘Other’ to report anything else.